It's simple.

1. Talk to a young person you care about. Listen and learn from each other.

2. Promise them that you'll vote in a way that protects the planet and their future. 

3. Take a picture together and post it to your social media with the tag #covotenow

4. Take them to the polls with you on voting day.

CoVote. Post. Tag. Share.

And if you are too young to vote, take this challenge:

1. Pick up the phone and call a grandparent or sit down at the table with your parents and talk with them about the election and how important addressing climate change is to your future.

2. Ask them to covote with you.

3. Follow us. Tag and share a picture of you and your covoter. #covotenow

Take the challenge.

  1. Ask an adult to covote with you - to protect your future and the planet.

  2. Post a pic.

  3. Tag and challenge 3 friends.



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